Areas of Practice


The average length of a long-term disability is 2.7 years.  The average length of a nursing home stay is almost three years.  During that time families face decisions regarding long term care arrangements, payment of long term care costs, transfer of assets, and medical treatment.  The issues can be overwhelming. The Rowe Law Firm, LLC can help relieve the burden by assisting with crisis planning during disability and advance planning before disability.

Elder law includes powers of attorney, living wills, guardianships, Medicaid planning, and many other legal matters that affect seniors.


In addition to the grieving that accompanies the death of loved ones, families often must deal with payment of final expenses, death taxes, and transfer of assets.  The possibility of court administration can make the process seem burdensome.  The Rowe Law Firm, LLC is experienced in helping families navigate the probate process and honor their loved ones’ wishes.


The Rowe Law Firm, LLC assists clients with the sale, purchase, and financing of real estate, including negotiation of sale terms, preparation of purchase agreements, examination of title, and preparation and recordation of documents.  Like-kind exchanges, also known as 1031 exchanges, advising parties regarding oil and gas leases and other minerals rights, and actions required to obtain marketable title to real estate are representative of the firm’s real estate practice.

Whether the transaction is simple or complex, The Rowe Law Firm, LLC will give the attention you deserve to successfully complete your transaction.


Attorneys at The Rowe Law Firm, LLC are experienced advisors to families with multi-generational business planning concerns, commercial entities that must provide or obtain financing, and other clients who seek assistance with the sale or purchase of businesses or business assets.

When fewer than all children in a family are involved with the family business, parents often are concerned about treating all their children fairly.  Planning with families may involve creation of entities such as limited liability companies and corporations and includes considering estate planning implications of the business plan.

Representation of commercial clients includes advice regarding the terms of a sale or purchase, negotiation of credit facilities, and preparation of documents to accomplish transactions.  Historically, The Rowe Law Firm, LLC has represented financial institutions and has assisted business with obtaining tax increment financing.


Family law is a highly sensitive area of the law that includes domestic relations, the family unit, and children.  The Rowe Law Firm, LLC assists clients through divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, adoption, guardianship, emancipation, prenuptial agreements, and more.


Civil Litigation and Small Claims:  In our complex society, disputes inevitably arise in all facets of life.  The filing of a lawsuit may be the only way to resolve some such disputes.  The Rowe Law Firm, LLC assists clients both with attempts at agreed resolution to disputes and litigation of disputes, with a focus on the efficient and cost-effective achievement of your objective.


Representatives of counties, cities, towns, townships, schools, and other public entities are faced with a variety of legal issues and challenges that can enhance, limit, or otherwise affect the entities’ ability to function efficiently, while improving communities and the quality of life of residents, businesses, and students. The Rowe Law Firm, LLC, provides experienced representation to a number of municipal entities and educational institutions faced with such legal issues and challenges.